See Gifbooth in Action

GIFs are the best way to bottle all the party action because guess what? They move! Don't miss out on your guests throwing shapes, doing shots, using props & larking around. Get the GIF to capture the fun, with moving clips you can share directly to social media & view in your own personalised GIF Gallery. This is much more than a photo booth. Check out the video below of wedding guests loving Gifbooth!

Gifbooth is the next generation in photo booths. It's sleek, compact & super-stylish and looks awesome in every venue. Gifbooth creates fun, fast-paced, animated GIF files that your guests receive instantly via text. Your guests can save them to their phones and share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. After the wedding you'll receive an online gallery and all the digital files from Gifbooth, so the fun keeps on coming.



This is the best party ever! Spread the love and share the fun. Definitely the most awesome way to capture the action & keep everybody entertained. Guests may develop a slight GIF addiction. Gifbooth looks great in any venue, from a rustic barn to a manor house and is easy to use for all generations.


Gifbooth is the perfect ice breaker, storyteller and memory-maker. It's super easy to use, so if you're planning a 30th birthday, a golden wedding or a wicked eighteenth it's guaranteed to rock your party. Warning : breathalyser not included.

Corporate Events

An awesome way to shout about your event. Instantly share animated GIFs with your custom hashtag and optional logo overlay, to build brand visibility and make you look anything other than boring. You'll have access to emails or phone numbers for your post-event marketing. Double win.


easy to use

Gifbooth is super easy to use, with just the touch of a button, which means everybody can join the fun. The sparkly lights and vintage-inspired easel hook 'em in and soon every guest's a Gifmaster.


Go Anywhere

Gifbooth is small and portable. If wifi or power isn't available then Gifbooth has its own 4G hotspot and battery, so it can go places a regular photo booth can't - beaches, barns, fields. There's no limits.


instant sharing 

Record a GIF, dial in your phone number and receive an INSTANT text message with your GIF. Share them on Facebook, Instagram, twitter & snapchat. The GIFs are also uploaded instantly to a live online gallery for you to download after the event.


centrally located

travel to derby, nottingham, sheffield + surrounding areas included


What's included?

  • 3 Hours Gifbooth Action
  • Bespoke online GIF gallery
  • Unlimited GIFs uploaded instantly to you online gallery
  • Instant guest access to their GIFs
  • Custom Text Message with each GIF
  • Custom hashtag for your event
  • Unlimited Sharing on Social Media
  • Digital download of all GIFs after your event
  • Fully attended Gifbooth
  • Battery power available if no mains available
  • 1 Year online access to your GIF gallery
  • Travel up to 50 miles round trip from Derby  

What's extra?

  • Additional hours £79
  • 4G hotspot (if there's no wifi) - £39
  • Additional mileage charged at 45p per mile
  • Locations more than 2 hours' journey from Derby may require an overnight stay for the attendant. 

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Will there be an attendant?

Yes, a fully trained attendant will be there to set up and is on hand to help out.


They are delivered via SMS text message to their mobile.


Absolutely! Every GIF comes with a share button and can be instantly shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

How long do I have access to my gallery?

Every gallery stays active for 1 year. You can keep them forever though - just download the GIFs to your drive.


No sweat! Gifbooth can operate pretty much anywhere. It comes with it's own battery and 4G Hotspot. If 4G coverage isn't available, GIFs get sent as soon as there's an Internet connection. 

What about props?

We find the animation makes the fun but please bring props if you fancy.

How much space is needed?

Not much - the footprint is incredibly small - about 1 metre by 1 metre. We’d suggest a 3x3 metre area, so people can move to the max.